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"This program is a lifesaver! My family lives very paycheck to paycheck. On the weeks that we can afford a little more, we leave it for someone less fortunate, but it’s always there when we can’t scrape by. It’s delicious, healthy and fresh produce which I know has benefited myself, my husband and our son greatly. This program is truly a gift."

The GiftBox

Every week, we give away free organic produce to neighbors in need. Our GiftBox Program allows individuals and families to access an array of locally and regionally grown, nutrient-dense whole foods — no matter what their circumstances.

This program only exists because of the generosity of our community. We use the donations we receive via RMM's and Prema Farm's online store to offer the gift of healthy food to eager neighbors. Every Sunday morning, we gather a colorful spectrum of veggies and fruits, bag them up and get them ready for easy pick-up at the farmers' market. The best part? One hundred percent of donated funds pay for the cost of the food, not for overhead expenses, so we get the most food possible into the hands and bellies that deserve it.

If you wish to support our GiftBox Program you can do so via the links below*

Custom amount and/or recurring donations are possible through GiveButter, a fundraising platform to Give Better!


Thank you for your generosity!

*All donations are tax deductible through Local Food Network's 501-C-3 status.

If you would like a receipt please email us at .



To sign up for a GiftBox email or sign up on the form below.

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Please note that GiftBox pickup location is Riverside Farmers Market at Idlewild Park in Reno. The guidelines for reserving a GiftBox and all other details are shared via email with the program participants. 
Organic Vegetables

Notes from a



"The Mobile Market gift box has been a great resource for my small family, allowing us to try in season, local, healthy foods, even though we are in a much lower income bracket and couldn't afford these luxury foods otherwise. My kids have gotten to try kohlrabi, a variety of greens, and in season fruit, which was such a treat for us. As a single mom and an elementary school teacher in Washoe County School District, we don't have much to spend on try-it type of food items, even though I know the value of organic and local farming and food production, both for my children and for the local farmers. We appreciate the opportunity to get a gift box when it's available."

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